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Explore the distinguished voice acting services offered by Rebecca Lee, a renowned African American voice actor. At Rebecca Lee Speaks, we provide a wide array of voice over solutions tailored to meet diverse project needs.

Female Voice Over Services

Specializing in female voiceovers, Rebecca Lee delivers compelling and versatile vocal performances. Her expertise spans across commercials, animations, audiobooks, and more, ensuring your message is conveyed with the right tone and emotion.



Radio Imaging



Most short form work available in 24 hours, rush service available



Broadcast quality, acoustically treated studio equipped with Source Connect Standard. Universal Apollo Twin X interface. Adobe Audition. Sennheiser 416 and Neumann TLM 103 mics.

Black Voice Actress - Bringing Characters to Life

Rebecca Lee, a skilled black voice actress, excels in character representation, offering a range of voices that add depth and authenticity to any narrative. Her ability to embody different personalities makes her an asset to creative projects seeking dynamic vocal talent.


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Voice Acting Services Overview

Rebecca imbues every word with heart and SOUL

Rebecca Lee, an accomplished black voice actor, offers comprehensive voice acting services. As a female voice over artist, her range extends from engaging and persuasive to gentle and soothing, catering to various industries and mediums.

Her capabilities as a female voice actor are not just limited to voice overs. Rebecca’s skills in narration, dubbing, and character voices make her a versatile choice for any voice acting requirement. As a black voice actress, she is committed to delivering performances that are both authentic and impactful.

In the domain of woman voice overs, Rebecca’s adaptability is a key strength. She understands the nuances of different styles and genres, ensuring a perfect match for your specific project needs. Her role as a voice actor female is integral in projects that aim to represent diverse voices with accuracy and empathy.

Recognized as a talented black female voice actor, Rebecca’s performances are not only engaging but also resonate deeply with audiences. Her work as a black voice over actor is marked by a commitment to quality and a passion for bringing scripts to life.

As a leading African American voice actor, Rebecca Lee Speaks is dedicated to delivering high-quality voice acting services. From commercial voice-overs to animated character voices, we ensure your project is enhanced by exceptional vocal talent.

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