Rebecca Lee

African-American Voice Actor

Vox Dea “Voice of Goddess”

African American Voice Actor - Versatility and Authenticity​

As an African American voice actor, Rebecca Lee showcases her versatility and range, making her services stand out in the industry. She is committed to delivering voice acting that not only elevates projects but also adds a touch of authenticity and flair. Her talents are not confined to a single genre but span across various platforms, demonstrating her prowess in voice acting.


Radio Imaging


Most short form work available in 24 hours, rush service available


Broadcast quality, acoustically treated studio equipped with Source Connect Standard. Universal Apollo Twin X interface. Adobe Audition. Sennheiser 416 and Neumann TLM 103 mics.

Rebecca Lee Speaks shines in the realm of voice over services, highlighting her exceptional skills as a Black voice actress. Known for her ability to craft compelling stories through her voice, she brings characters and narratives to life across various mediums such as animated films, audiobooks, and video games. Her versatility and adaptability in inhabiting diverse personas and genres underscore her dedication to the art of storytelling.

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Female Voice Over Artist - A Rich Tapestry of Sound and Soul

Rebecca Lee’s role as a female voice over artist is characterized by a rich tapestry of sound and soul. Her voice, with its depth and velvety texture, brings a unique dimension to every project, from commercials to animations. More than just a voice, Rebecca transforms scripts into powerful and resonating stories, connecting deeply with audiences.

Away from the microphone, Rebecca’s diverse interests, from global travel to culinary explorations, enrich her voice acting, blending professional expertise with personal passion. This combination ensures that her performances are not only authentic but also profoundly engaging. At Rebecca Lee Speaks, every project is an opportunity to connect, inspire, and leave a lasting impact.

Happy Clients

Professional Black Female Voice Actor - Tailored Solutions for Every Client

As a professional Black female voice actor, Rebecca Lee provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether crafting the right tone for corporate narration or injecting energy into a commercial campaign, her commitment to excellence is evident. This dedication ensures that every project stands out for its quality and ability to engage and influence listeners.

Rebecca Lee Speaks represents the epitome of professional voice acting, where skill, creativity, and an understanding of client needs merge to create impactful voice over projects. Each engagement is a chance to make a lasting impression, showcasing Rebecca’s talent and passion for the art of voice acting.

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