Rebecca Lee | Voice Actor

Rebecca Lee

Voice Actor

Vox Dea “Voice of Goddess”

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Voice of God(dess)

/vois ev gädes/

About Rebecca Lee

If voice could have both color and texture, hers would be burgundy velvet.

A passionate creatrix, Rebecca is dedicated to her artistry. She performs alchemy on her clients words and visions, transmuting them for the listener, into feelings, which turn into actions, which turn into results.

When she isn’t crooning her siren’s song into the mic, she can be found gardening, buying (yet another) houseplant, collecting passport stamps (having visited all 7 continents and still wanderlusting), insisting there is no such thing as too much garlic, fawning over the moon, striking terror into the hearts of shellfish everywhere, dancing at the slightest provocation, belting showtunes into a hairbrush, and being the lucky mom of a great little boy.

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